Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dogs are natural and original .

Dear Yuddhu,
Dogs are coincidently loved and cared by Maneka Gandhi too. ‘Too’ is indicating what you better know.Yes,you and so many others the international human being love , keep dogs and care for dogs.Beyond the gender the worldwide dogs species are being loved by both men and women. Why ? The answer is easy.
There are some reasons why dogs are loved so universally :
1. Dog please to see a friend dog . Not a single instance noticed so far that a dog stabbed a friend dog to get his property, position, girl- friend, spouce, land etc.A dog never decieve a friend or believer or followers.
2. Dogs love the old-ones as well as the youngers.They never bark ,bite or leave abondoned a man who got old , weak, of no-use.
3. Dogs don’t make an issue of the name.They never fight to get name and fame. They don’t mind surnames, caste and creed. They never combate about province, language and veg-non-veg.
4. Dogs love the place they live.They never migrate to get better future, money and position.They never change their party and policies.
5. Dogs don’t ever attack over other dogs to show political power and to obtain political existance.Dogs are free from nationalities and they believe in true universality.
6. Dogs don’t sing, act, write, recite, decorate themselves with clothes, colours, caps, threades, other community marks or else for breads and butter.
7. Dogs never molest oppsite sex . The believe in making love first and make affactionate efforts accordingly.They never involve in group rape for caste , community , country sake.
But some attitutes they have earned as they are living in civilian areas among men :
1. Dogs bark when they are afraid of position ,whenever they see a better dog in their jurisdiction.
2. Dogs are fond of getting breads free and they like to lick the leggs of donars.
3. They bark for owner, attack for owner, they do whatever asked to do by owners. They are devoted slaves to the owner.
4. Dogs are vegeterian if an owner is vegetarian. They follow only that language which is delivered or commanded by owner.
5. They can be punished ,tamed and can be kept for intertainment and safety. They can be sold and purchased when they are babies.
6. A owner is god-father to Dogs. Pet dogs never revolt agaist an owner. Owner can bitterly beat them, bark over them, they never rply or argue.
7. Dogs love the band and the name given by owner. They don’t analyse the meaning of the name . They never criticise ever if the name is misfit or uncommon. they think not about the pattern old or new. They don’t believe in fashon.
Dear son Yudhisthir !
let me know whether I am right or wrong. Please reply soon that what you think about a dog.

Yours . mutiya.
The Dog -Your father -Dharma.


Anonymous said...

अब गंड़क-पुराण..भई खूब भाईसा..
एक खूबसूरत व्यंग्य....

पढ़वा में दिक्कत आ री छे भाईसा...

Dr.R.Ramkumar said...

I tried my best to change the background,but---please adjst till I come to the conclusion..

Thanx alot you are goinh through my posting and giving me the the best and prosperouse comments.
Dr. R. Ramkumar

Dr.R.Ramkumar said...

अब नयी पृष्ठभूमि पर पढ़ें शिकायत नहीं रहेगी.