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Interesting Indian Idioms

Interesting Indian Idioms On Eating. Says an Indian proverb or aphorism ‘eat to live, not live to eat. (Jeene ke liye khao, khane ke liye mat jio.) Proverbs are the facts that reveal the truth we can realize what is going on. We see everywhere everyone is living to eat. It is amusing that they are not eating only eatable, but eating ‘not eatable’ things too. Usually some government, central or provincial, officers and employees are being known as ‘excess eating person’ The people usually say ‘Bahut khat hai yar.’   Here khata is not not meant ‘eats’ eatable. Eats denotes that eats ‘money,’ without ‘extra money’ he dose not perform his duties for which he is being taken salary accordingly. India is a country based on agriculture, specified to produce grains eatable. Bharat ek krishipradhan desh hai. Indian government has made lots of   ‘go-downs’ under food corporation of   India ((FCI)   where all the produced eatable grains are preserved. It doesn’t matter that most o